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Home Automation

Did you ever leave your house for a long trip and wonder if you left anything on? Did you remember to adjust the thermostat or turn off lights? Would you like to adjust your thermostat just before you get home from a trip?

Home automation offers the opportunity to control many devices in a home via computer, tablet, or smartphone. You might be surprised how many devices in a home can be accessed and controlled remotely. Below is a list of devices in the home that can be controlled remotely now or in the future.

Home automation components can be purchased online or at a home improvement store. Some full service companies specialize in installing and setting up systems or components for you.

Home Automation Links

Full Service Home Automation Vendors

Frontpoint Security cameras, light control, door locks, and thermostats.

Vivint Smart home solutions. Smart security, energy, and control.

Savant Systems Lighting, climate, entertainment, and security.

Control 4 Home automation and smart home control.

Guardian Protection Home control services | wireless home security.

Elan Total home control. Media, climate, security, lighting, irrigation, pool/spa, and video.

DIY Home Automation Vendors

Samsung smart washer/dryer - Android apps on Google Play.

Nest Labs WiFi enabled, self-learning, programmable thermostats and smoke detectors.

Honeywell: Home security systems and home automation.

WeMo Home Automation | Belkin Electrical outlet and light switches, smart lighting, smart appliances.

SmartThings Security, doors and locks, lights and switches, thermostats and smoke detectors, moisture, temperature, and humidity sensors.

Ankuoo Turn on and off your home appliances anywhere, anytime with your smart phone.

Schlage Wireless electronic deadbolt door locks.

Smarthome Home automation superstore. Controllers and apps, lights and appliances, thermostats, cameras, A/V wiring, doors and locks, sensors and security.

X10 Home Automation Home gadgets since 1978. Switches, appliance modules, electrical outlets, controllers, interfaces, and more.

Philips Hue Together, the bulbs, the bridge and the app will change the way you use light. Experiment with shades of white, from invigorating blue/white to cozy yellow/white, or play with all the colors in the spectrum.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) goes beyond home automation. It is anything that is connected to the Internet via wireless. Things include home devices, automobiles, watches, farm animals, heart monitors, industrial machines, vending machines, etc.

Home Automation Security

One very important thing to consider if you want to control devices in your house through a network is security. Each item that can be controlled on a network can be vulnerable to a hack attack.

The most common way an intruder can take control is through the default password on your router. Make sure the default password is changed to a strong password.

If a hacker can access your smart door locks or smart thermostat, they can find out that you away from home.

Before purchasing and setting up any home automation component or system, consider what it would take to make it secure. For more information on security, read these links:

The Internet of Things is a long way from being secure

Here's how to protect your internet-connected devices from hackers

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