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How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Height

The standard height for ceiling fans is about 8 feet from the bottom of a fan to the floor. On an 8 foot ceiling, a fan should be mounted at about 7 feet. Refer to the installation instructions to determine the recommended height of a particular fan.

A downrod is used to connect the mounting bracket to the fan. The length of the downrod along with the ceiling height determines the height of the fan. A ceiling higher than 10 feet may require a longer downrod than the one included with the fan and is sold separately.

Ceiling Fan Mounting Options

Installing Ceiling Fan in Existing Light Fixture

A ceiling fan weighing 35 lb or less can replace a light fixture using the same outlet box as long as the outlet box is listed for the sole support of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan weighing 35 lb - 70 lb needs a special outlet box or outlet box system (outlet box and support bracket) listing the maximum weight of the fan. The light fixture is removed and the fan installed. A remote with the existing switch can be used, or the light switch can be replaced by a fan control.

Installing Ceiling Fan with No Existing Light Fixture

Access above ceiling - Decide where the fan should be located, near the middle of the room, or over a particular area. A hole needs to be cut in the ceiling where the outlet box support is to be installed. Exact hole location depends on the location of the ceiling studs that will support a box bracket. Wires and switch(s) need to be installed to control power to the fan (and light kit).

No access above ceiling  - If there is no access above the ceiling, additional holes will need to be cut in the ceiling and walls along the new wiring path from the switch to the fan’s outlet box. After the wiring is installed, the additional holes will need to be patched and painted.

For more detailed information on installing a ceiling fan refer to the instructions that came with the fan or see How to Install a Ceiling Fan by wikiHow.

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