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How to Rewire a Lamp

Whether a lamp cord is damaged or the switch does not work, there are a few options for wiring your lamp or replacing the socket assembly. You can take it to a lamp store, find someone who specializes in this, or do it yourself. Lamp kits and lamp replacement parts are available at home improvement stores.

Cord size (diameter) may need to be the same size or smaller. Check the size of the holes they are traveling through. Lamp cords mostly supply power to a single light bulb, so the cord does not have to be very big in diameter.

When buying a cord for a lamp, make sure it is labeled as a “lamp cord.”

Things to Consider Before Rewiring a Lamp

3-way Lamp Switch

Decide whether you want to use 3-way bulbs in your lamp. Smaller bedside lamps usually have a regular bulb, larger table lamps may use 3-way bulbs (3-way bulbs are bigger and may not fit in a small lamp). Choosing a 3-way socket for a large lamp allows you to use either type of bulb.

Lamp Diagrams

Threaded Pipe

The threaded pipe inside the lamp has a nut at the bottom to fasten the lamp base to the bottom of the lamp body.

The top of the lamp body and socket assembly is attached to the top of the threaded pipe. The cord runs through the center of the pipe.

Lamp Diagram Top Lamp Diagram Bottom

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