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Automotive Headlights

You have probably noticed automobiles with bluish headlights. These are usually aftermarket halogen bulbs or kits that have a very high color temperature. Automobile headlights become dim over time, so they should be replaced every few years even before they burn out. Installing aftermarket bulbs can help you see better because of a higher color temperature that produces a whiter light. They can be found at automotive stores and online. You can replace the bulbs yourself, or you can have a automotive professional replace them for you. OEM bulbs are available from an auto dealer and are usually a lower color temperature (3000K).

Hazy Headlight Lens

The plastic lens that covers the headlight can become hazy or yellowish from wind, sun exposure, and old age. Lens restoration kits are available if you want to restore them yourself, or you can have an automotive professional do it.

Headlight assembly removed from headlight compartment Headlight rear view under hood

Headlight rear view under hood

Headlight assembly removed from headlight compartment

HID Xenon Headlights and Kits

If you want bluish headlights and don’t mind spending the extra money, get HID headlight bulbs or kits. Some of the bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures, most of them are a very high color temperature (bluish).

What are Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime running lights are automatically turned on when you start a car and they stay on while you are driving. They are usually about half as bright as normal headlights. A car may have its own running lights, or it may use the low beams or high beams at about half brightness. When replacing headlights, consider replacing the daytime running lights. Replace the high-beams about every other time you replace the normal headlights (unless the high-beams are used as running lights, or you drive a lot at night and use the high-beams often).

Hazy Headlight Lens

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Automotive Headlights

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